Dr Wan C Tan


Dr. Wan C Tan is a Respirologist in the Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia, BC, Canada and the Division of Respiratory Medicine, St Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Dr Tan has long standing involvement with global management guidelines for asthma and COPD and is an author of over 200 publications in peer-reviewed journals.
She is the Co-Principal Investigator for the longitudinal CanCOLD [Canadian Cohort of Obstructive Lung Disease] Study, for measuring and phenotyping COPD in the community.
Research coordinator
Priya Jayakumar, Research assistant
Email: Priya.Jayakumar@hli.ubc.ca
Collection site contact information
Dr Wan C Tan, Room 166
UBC Centre for Heart Lung Innovation
1081 Burrard Street,
Vancouver, BC., V6Z1Y6, Canada.
Tel : 604-682-2344 ext 62749.